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  • Post last modified:July 18, 2021

Commercial spaces are always highly in demand in and around Delhi- especially in Ghaziabad. There has been a rapid increase in residential projects just like residential real estate ones. The reason behind this surge in demand is that more people are migrating here. This part of Delhi NCR has lately evolved to be a commercial hub, with the biggest national and international brands and business houses opening their stores here. All these factors resulted in high demand for commercial shops in Ghaziabad. Himalaya Group is one of many real estate developers who are coming up with some of the best-in-class high street retail project in Raj Nagar Extn. Hiamalaya City Center is one such commercial proejct which is huge catchment area for investors.

Hiamalaya City Center is vastu compliant, offering the maximum amount of exposure facing the street. Commercial shops in ghaziabad are suitable for big brands and also perfect workstations for businesses so buying a shop in Hiamalaya City Center will definately boost your buiness. In short high street commercial project Ghaziabad such as Hiamalaya City Center is the finest examples of commercial excellence. These buildings are an amalgamation of expertise and decades of experience.

Himalaya Group offers thoughtfully designed, ergonomic office spaces and high street retail project in Raj Nagar Extn. All of these retail outlets in Hiamalaya City Center are designed to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for the visitors and unparalleled exposure for the brands. Hiamalaya City Center offers commercial shops in ghaziabad maintaining the norms and parameters that are followed internationally. Himalaya Group’s Commercial projects are designed for maximum functional utility. When it comes to back-end infrastructure and maintenance, the high street commercial project Ghaziabad, is maintained by professional and experienced personnel. Hiamalaya City Center has ergonomic design with an aim to make the logistical movement of goods easy and smooth. On the whole commercial shops in Raj Nagar extn are perfect destinations for parking your business. Book a store in Hiamalaya City Center and take your business to new heights.

Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value and this fact makes retail shops in Raj Nagar extension the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. When you plan to buy shop in Ghaziabad, you will have plenty of real estate developers who are transparent and very strict on delivery commitments. Hiamalaya City Center is the new project which is being launched by prestegiuos Himalaya Group. The projects from these developers have many features that make having a store in shopping mall in Raj Nagar extension most attractive and most coveted investment destination for investors. The most exciting part for investors invesitng in Hiamalaya City Center, is the price advantage. Retail shops in Raj Nagar extension are available with exciting range of prices which makes the investment proposal affordable to begin with. High street retail project in Raj Nagar extn boasts of features that makes investment proposal most attractive in Raj Nagar Extension. Since the development in Raj Nagar Extension is at par with any modern city, the Capital appreciation for shopping mall in Raj Nagar extension is assured. Hiamalaya City Center is one fine example of great ROI.

Location advantage is another big reason to invest in Hiamalaya City Center retail shops in Raj Nagar extension because of the connectivity by multi lane roads, metro rail, Hindon elevated Road, close proximity to Hindon Domestic Airport, newly developing Hindon Riverfront and planning for large number of picnic spots. It is the high time to get your shop booked in Hiamalaya City Center commercial project.