Ghaziabad set to see commercial boom, courtesy RRTS

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  • Post last modified:June 26, 2024

Ghaziabad became India’s first city with an operational 17 km Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor from Sahibabad to Duhai Depot, boosting housing and commercial development around declared mixed-use zones and transit-oriented development areas near RRTS stations as per the state’s new policy. The Ghaziabad Development Authority incorporated these zones in its Master Plan 2031. This 17 km stretch is part of the larger 82 km Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor flagged off by PM Modi in March 2024, which aims to reduce Delhi-Meerut travel time to under an hour via a semi-high-speed rail network intersecting Delhi Metro lines. The full RRTS network will enable commuters from Delhi/Gurugram to reside in Ghaziabad and take the Namo Bharat train for work.

The RRTS corridor’s transit-oriented development (TOD) zones, extending 1.5 km around each station, have opened up lucrative opportunities for commercial real estate development in Ghaziabad. These zones offer higher floor area ratios (FAR) and incentives, prompting major developers to acquire land parcels and plan high-density commercial complexes, office spaces, and retail hubs along the RRTS line to cater to the anticipated surge in commuter and resident demand.

One of the most ambitious projects is a 100-acre integrated township planned near the Duhai Depot station. Envisioned as a mixed-use development with a central business district, high-street retail, commercial offices and ancillary facilities, the township will leverage the higher FAR in TOD zones to create a high-density hub for modern workspaces and retail experiences.

In addition to the Duhai township, several IT parks, corporate office complexes, hospitality chains and malls are being planned around RRTS stations like Guldhar and Ghaziabad, capitalizing on the swift Delhi-Meerut connectivity. The Ghaziabad Development Authority is actively collaborating with developers to streamline approvals for these commercial projects, recognizing their potential to drive economic growth and employment in the region.

Strategically located at the heart of Ghaziabad and in proximity to the newly operational Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor, the Himalaya City Center is poised to become a premier commercial hub. This ambitious development benefits from excellent connectivity, attracting a diverse array of tenants and businesses. With a vibrant mix of retail outlets, food court, cafes, restaurants and other boutique shops within its expansive mixed-use precinct, a prime location and the surge in demand for modern workspaces driven by the rapid rail connectivity, the Himalaya City Center is well-positioned to emerge as a thriving commercial epicenter in Ghaziabad’s rapidly evolving landscape.