Himalaya City Center– Raj Nagar Extension gets its first shopping mall

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  • Post last modified:August 7, 2021

Himalaya City Center, a shopping mall in Raj Nagar Extension, has many things going in its favour. No wonder it is emerging as a hot commercial hub in the heart of Ghaziabad. One of the best things about this high-street retail project in Raj Nagar Extension is its location. Raj Nagar Extension is one location in Ghaziabad that has seen most development in the recent years. Many people, who want a peaceful environment away from the city life, have already moved to Raj Nagar Extension while many others are looking to do the same. It has several residential projects that are completely occupied and then there are others that are fast filling up. And then we have Himalaya City Center, the only commercial project amidst all those residential ones. You can’t have a better investment opportunity, with the likelihood of better returns, than this.

Still there are a lot of people living in one or the other residential apartment, who have to go to Noida, Vaishali, or Indirapuram to get a sight of a fully-functional shopping mall. Himalaya City Center spares those people the long drive and wastage of time. It has everything that people want from a shopping mall.

Whether you look at it from the perspective of shopping, entertainment, or dining, Himalaya City Center has got it all. In a few months’ time, it will have all the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands, giving residents of Raj Nagar Extension enough options to choose from. The first shopping mall of Raj Nagar Extension, and such a big one at that. It has a lot of space and its architecture is appealing to say the least.

The commercial project also has a 9-screen multiplex. That makes it a lot more tempting from an investment perspective. We love watching movies. And when we visit a multiplex, we often go back home with a few shopping bags in our hands. That’s what makes buying a commercial shop in Raj Nagar Extension all the more profitable.

Visitors to a shopping mall often end up eating their meals there before heading back home. Himalaya City Center has a big food court, which will house the biggest food chains and restaurant names that you can think of. So you don’t have to go to Noida or Indirapuram to devour food in your favourite restaurant. You name the cuisine, you will find a restaurant serving it in Himalaya City Center.

Himalaya City Center is not only the only shopping mall in Raj Nagar Extension, it is the first as well – a title that no one can ever take away. We don’t how much time it will take for a second mall to be built here. So if you are looking to buy a commercial shop for sale in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad to turn your business idea into reality, this is the best time to make a move forward.