Himalaya City Center Welcomes Chicago Pizza and Moti Mahal Outlets, More to be Opened Soon

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  • Post last modified:June 7, 2022

Himalaya City Center, a prominent mall in Raj Nagar Extension, has always been the talk of the town, especially among business owners and real estate investors. With its massive size and scale, cutting-edge zoning strategy, and excellent location with unparalleled connectivity with other parts of NCR, it has refined how shopping or commercial hubs are perceived in India.

But nowadays, Himalaya City Center is also popular among foodies and shopping enthusiasts because of the recent launch of a number of high-end, world-famous brand outlets in the shopping mall.

People of all ages, from all around Delhi NCR, are now flocking to Raj Nagar Extension in hopes of exploring Himalaya City Center and having an eventful time with their loved ones. So much so that there is a noticeable surge in the footfall it receives, especially on weekends. The opening of two major food outlets, namely Chicago Pizza and Moti Mahal, along with the presence of sophisticated fashion brands and an entertainment zone, is most likely driving such an overwhelming influx.

All the more reasons to invest in Himalaya City Center

The mall’s ease of location, coupled with excellent connectivity through metro and other public transit, has always been the prime reason to buy a high-end retail shop in Himalaya City Center. But if these reasons aren’t enough, the launch of Moti Mahal—which is carrying forward its legacy for more than a century—and Chicago Pizza—a pizza outlet that needs no introduction to pizza lovers—should compel investors and business owners to book a property in the mall as soon as possible. What’s more, the mall is expected to see many more big companies opening up their outlets in the near future.

As more and more high-end outlets open in Himalaya City Center, the more footfall it is expected to receive, creating a win-win situation for both business owners and the general public. The general public, especially those in the vicinity of the mall, can meet their needs effectively. Whether it is shopping for groceries, buying party clothes, or watching a movie with their family on a Sunday, they can visit the mall and do anything they like to do to escape their hectic work life.

On the other hand, business owners, should they buy a retail shop in Raj Nagar Extension and start their retail business in Himalaya City Center, can attract more eyeballs and boost their sales, setting a foundation for a successful business. Seems like there has never been a better opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs than this. So, if you have been looking for the right time and opportunity to start your business venture, this could be yours to fulfil your dream.

Besides, you may also enjoy the current offer that Himalaya City Center has recently announced, which offers 24% assured returns on investment, with investments starting at as low as Rs 14 lakhs. For more details, get in touch with the sales representatives of the Himalaya City Center project and set the wheels of your business venture in motion.