How Proximity to Meerut Road Helps Himalaya City Center Attract More Visitors

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  • Post last modified:June 13, 2023

Himalaya City Centre needs no introduction to commercial real estate investors and professionals. This newly developed shopping complex has raised the bar for commercial real estate with its high-end facilities, world-class amenities, modern architecture, and excellent location. There are hardly any reasons not to invest in one of the retail spaces available in the mall. This is perhaps why its popularity as one of the most prominent investment destinations in NCR is on the rise.

Another factor that makes Himalaya City Center a preferred investment choice is its proximity to Delhi-Meerut Road, which is a part of NH 58. Stretching over a length of 70 km, this road connects Delhi to Meerut via Duhai, Murad Nagar, Modi Nagar, and Partapur. Not to be confused with Delhi-Meerut Expressway, which stretches over 96 km and has 6 lanes, Delhi-Meerut road was the main stretch of road that people used to take to reach Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Haridwar, and beyond before the Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

With various exit points in Ghaziabad, Delhi-Meerut Road is often heavily trafficked as it is the only road to reach Murad Nagar and Modi Nagar from Delhi or Ghaziabad. Just a few kilometres away from another popular location, Mohan Nagar, the road acts as the only interlinking between Dilshad Garden and Noida. As a result, there’s never any time when it is devoid of human footprint. Of course, it is quiet at midnight, with only heavy vehicles making the noise.

Delhi-Meerut Road also connects with the Meerut bypass road, which passes through Raj Nagar Extension and ends at Mohan Nagar, at an intersection just before Duhai. There’s also ongoing construction of the Delhi–Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (Delhi–Meerut RRTS), which runs along Delhi-Meerut Road. All in all, the road plays an integral role in offering fast and efficient connectivity between Delhi and Meerut.

The Proximity to Meerut Road and Footfall for Himalaya City Centre

Himalaya City Center is ideally located in Raj Nagar Extension—next to Delhi-Meerut Road. With such closeness to the road, the mall attracts visitors day in and out. Those who pass through the bypass road often find it visit-worthy at first glance, all thanks to its modern architecture and ideal location.

Moreover, proximity to Delhi-Meerut Road makes Himalaya City Centre more accessible and attractive to potential buyers. The high traffic flow on the road ensures a high level of visibility for the mall. This is especially beneficial for businesses operating in the mall. With increased visibility, businesses can attract more customers and build a strong brand reputation.

Delhi-Meerut Road also offers an opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand. Businesses can use billboards and signage along the highway to attract the attention of passing motorists. This can be an effective way to build brand awareness and attract new customers.

In a nutshell

While the location of the Himalaya City Centre is perfect in itself, its proximity to Delhi-Meerut Road makes it even better for businesses to attract more visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

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