Why a commercial project with a large frontage so popular amongst investors?

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  • Post last modified:January 13, 2022

When you are considering investing in any commercial shop in Ghaziabad or any other location, it is quite possible that one of the first things that come to your mind is the project frontage. It has been observed that when a commercial property has a larger frontage, its value in the market and amongst buyers goes up a few notches. And this is the reason why most businesspeople and investors these days are interested in buying commercial shops in Ghaziabad and other locations that have a large frontage.

And no wonder Himalaya City Center, the first and the only shopping mall in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, has become so popular. The high-street commercial project in Raj Nagar Extension has a 650 feet project frontage, which is the largest in the country yet. Let us now understand why people are so interested in buying a shop in a commercial property with a large frontage.

A larger frontage means that there is enough open space on the front for the project façade to be clearly visible to everyone. And when you are buying a commercial shop for sale in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad or any other location, you want your shop to be visible to others.

And shops in commercial projects with a large frontage like Himalaya City Center are always likely to gain more attention of customers as well as passer-by than those with a relatively small frontage. The visibility of the property makes customers want to enter the mall and shop. So, investing in a project with a large frontage can be a boon for shop owners as well as investors.

The frontage of a commercial project also contributes a lot to its aesthetics and visual appeal. That is why the developers of Himalaya City Center have invested heavily on building such a large and visually pleasing frontage. It impacts public perception, which can lead to appreciation of its value over time as well as rise in sales numbers for shops located inside the property.

A large and innovative frontage not only contributes to the imagery of the commercial property in the minds of customers but also of the commercial shops that it houses. A large frontage could be a commercial property’s best assets, which shop owners can use to their advantage.

Also, a larger project frontage like that of Himalaya City Center makes it easy for customers to enter and exit the commercial property. Driving through a 650 wide front portion either to enter the parking or exit the property is always easy. And that adds to the convenience that the customer wants when visiting a shopping center, which can lead to the mall seeing more footfall each day.

Himalaya City Center stands tall in Raj Nagar Extension as its only shopping mall. There is no shopping mall even in a few kilometers range. In addition to its largest project frontage, it also has other advantages, such as double height shops, two sides open corner plot, and many more.