3 Tips for NRIs Considering Invest in Indian Real Estate

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  • Post last modified:April 20, 2023

With the booming real estate in India, not only are citizens living in the country so keen on investing in real estate, but NRIs are also considering it for better returns. Plus, NRIs have no bar or any kind of restrictions on how many properties they can own in India while living abroad. However, there are a few things you need to consider when buying a real estate asset as an NRI.

Read on to know about tips to follow when investing in real estate in India.

Consider Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate in India has always been the top investment option among investors. Why? Because of the expanding scope of remarkable returns commercial properties can offer. And with the rising number of high-end commercial projects in the country, such as the Himalaya City Center in Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad, these returns are likely to double or quadruple.

Commercial properties are in demand around the year. Companies need corporate space to run their operations while brick-and-mortar businesses need retail spaces to grow their business. This demand increases your chances of finding long-term tenants for your commercial space, which equates to a consistent flow of income.

Pay Attention to the Location

Location is the primary factor when investing in real estate. As an NRI, you don’t want your property to stay vacant and deteriorate over time. The right location will attract potential tenants or buyers for your property, maximizing your returns multifold. The location should be well-connected to other parts of the city and have expressways nearby for improved connectivity to other cities. For instance, Himalaya City Center is not only connected to Noida, Delhi, and Greater Noida but also to Palwal, Panipat, and Meerut via dedicated expressways. It also has metro connectivity, which means it makes for a perfect location to start a business.

Know your options for investment

NRI can indeed invest in as many properties in India as they like. However, there’s a limit on the type of properties they can invest in. For instance, NRIs can’t buy a farmhouse or agricultural land or similar properties that contribute to the country’s economy. These types of properties can only be inherited or gifted by a loved one. This narrows down the investment options to retail shops and corporate spaces. Again, investing in a commercial project like Himalaya City Center seems like the best path to go down for impressive returns.

Where to Invest in Delhi NCR?

If you are an NRI looking to invest in real estate in India, you should consider investing in Himalaya City Center. It’s a recently developed yet much-lauded commercial project that speaks volumes through its world-class amenities, top-notch features, and affordability. Having dedicated precincts for food, fun, work, and fashion, you can buy space and get potential tenants in a matter of weeks. Regardless of where you live, a property here will continue to bring your fruitful results for decades. For more information about the project, we encourage you to check out the details here.