Circle Rates in Ghaziabad Expected to Rise — The Right Time to Invest in Himalaya City Centre

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  • Post last modified:June 7, 2022

Did you know that buying a property in Ghaziabad is going to be more challenging from August 2022? The district administration could surge the circle rates in Ghaziabad after six years. These changes will most probably take place from August, once a survey regarding the same begins in June 2022.

The area along the developing Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor and posh areas, such as Raj Nagar Extension, Indirapuram, Vaishali, and others, may see even a higher rise in the circle rates. This means anyone planning to buy a property in Ghaziabad will need to shell out more, putting a lot of stress on their financial resources. Or perhaps, they need to hurry up and buy the property of their choice before the new circle rates come into effect.

If you choose to buy your dream property now, you can save thousands of dollars because of low circle rates. Regardless of when you buy a property, making the right real estate investment is crucial to receiving the best returns possible.

Where to invest in Ghaziabad?

When it comes to investing in real estate in Ghaziabad, there are a lot of projects you can consider. But not all of them promise the best returns. This makes making the right investment decision a lot more challenging but extremely crucial.

Currently, Himalaya City Center, a recently developed commercial hub in Ghaziabad, seems to offer promising returns to investors. Located in the concrete jungle of Raj Nagar Extension, it is a highly talked about real estate project among people of all ages from around Delhi NCR. Considered a hotspot of entertainment, fun, and relaxation, it receives heavy footfall round the clock.

From kids to college students to couples and the elderly, everyone flocks to the mall to have some eventful time with their nearest and dearest, especially on the weekends. This makes for a perfect place to start a retail business. More footfall means businesses will be able to grab more eyeballs, which directly impacts the bottom line.

With many high-end outlets, such as Chicago Pizza and Moti Mahal, already opened in Himalaya City Center, it continues to attract investors’ attention from different parts of the country. It is expected that, within the next few months, the hub will have everything shopping enthusiasts and fun lovers could ask for.

Besides, as the new residential project under the same brand—Himalaya City Center— is soon to kickstart in the vicinity, property rates in the mall may increase multifold, assuring investors high returns on investments.

Assured returns on investment in Himalaya City Centre

Himalaya City Center also recently announced a new offer, promising assured returns on investments to anyone who buys a property in the mall, with investment starting from Rs 14 lakhs onwards. The offer includes 24% guaranteed returns, enabling investors to receive a fixed percentage of returns for the investment they make.

So, if you are looking for a property in Ghaziabad, wait no more, and get your property booked in Himalaya City Center before the new circle rates come into effect and make investing in real estate a lot more difficult.