Himalaya City Center: New shopping and entertainment destination in Ghaziabad

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  • Post last modified:August 7, 2021

Himalaya City Center is the new shopping mall and entertainment center opened in Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad. Advertised as ‘The Center of happiness’ the mall has a 9 screen multiplex which is the first of the area. The residents of Raj Nagar Extension who earlier had to go to Noida or Indirapuram to watch a good movie or buy some quality clothes will no longer have to make that long trip. The Himalaya city center is equipped to handle all of their shopping and entertainment needs. It also has an amazing food court with diverse cuisine.

It is a top high street commercial project in Ghaziabad and it is going to be a center of shopaholics, foodies and movie buffs. The 9 screen multiplex is sure to bring in a lot of footfall to the mall. So if you are interested in buying a commercial shop in Ghaziabad, The Himalaya City Center will be a great place to do so. Raj Nagar Extension is a proper up and coming neighborhood surrounded by housing projects, schools, hospitals and an upcoming BCCI International Cricket Stadium.

The mall can be divided in three broad sections: Shopping or retail stores, Food court and Entertainment center.

Shopping or retail stores

The overall area of the mall is 5 lac sq. ft. and the retail area is 2.25 lac sq. ft. It has a hyper market and world class brands. It will be perfect for shopaholics of today who are brand conscious and are not afraid to spill out money for things they like. All the top brands are available at this high street retail project in Ghaziabad. Still there are a lot of retails stores up for grabs if you are looking to buy or rent a retail shop in Ghaziabad.

Food court

For people who have a passion for good food this mall is a god send for them. There is a massive food court on the third floor with some fine dining restaurants and food chain outlets as well on the second floor of the mall. Earlier all the foodies from Raj Nagar Extension needed to go food joints or malls in Noida, Indirapuram and even to Delhi to have some quality food due to lack of a top class mall in the area. But now there prayers have been answered by the opening of this mall. It will be a proper hangout for the whole family with great food to complement it all.

Entertainment center

As mentioned before as well there is a nine screen multiplex in the mall which is a dream for the movie buffs. There is uninterrupted entertainment happening at the mall and movie goers are going to have a great time. The high street commercial project is equipped to make the movie going experience fantastic and enjoyable for all generations.

The Himalaya city center is a complete mall which has something for everyone. Whether you are foodie, a shopaholic or a movie buff you are going to have a great time at the mall. It is a commercial evolution equipped to handle all the needs regarding shopping, food and entertainment of the residents of Raj Nagar Extension and nearby areas.