How Himalaya City Centre’s Architecture and Curb Appeals Enhances Visitors’ Experience

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  • Post last modified:August 6, 2022

Despite its best efforts, online shopping could not diminish the worth of shopping malls. A sign showing that brick-and-mortar malls are still alive and popular among the public is the creative structures built increasingly around the world every year. Himalaya City Centre is a shining example of such structures.

Located in Raj Nagar Extension—the heart of Ghaziabad—Himalaya City Centre feels more like a town square than a traditional mall. Attending-grabbing materials, contemporary architecture, and beautiful landscaping all enhance the curb appeal of the mall, making it one of the most visited shopping centres in NCR. Let’s tour one of the most beautifully designed retail destinations in Ghaziabad and see how it offers a pleasant experience to visitors.

Exterior that piques interest

A mall’s architecture should be enticingly futuristic to reflect the excitement and unforgettable shopping ease. Fortunately, Himalaya City Centre features impressive architecture that arouses curiosity and the desire to check it out at first glance. Housing lush green landscaping elements, not only does it feels soothing to the eyes but also matches the exuberance of the surroundings, blending in perfectly as if it were an inseparable part of the surroundings. Wider, tree-lined alleys with beautiful lamp posts on the sides, architectural posts on the walls, and ancient-figure statues all welcome even the most introverted soul into the mall.

Interior that speaks volume

If the exterior of a building is what draws people, the interior is what holds them and makes them spend time in the building. Himalaya City Centre’s interior was designed by renowned interior designers and architects, featuring elements that truly live up to the expectations of the exterior. Having a fresh atmosphere inside, you will see plenty of natural light coming through its skylights, the idea which reflects environmental friendliness. But this doesn’t mean the ambience loses its charm as the sun sets. The mall has fixtures of lights that enhance the ambience even more during the night.

The overall interior design of the mall is a bit calmer so as not to distract consumers from engaging in retail therapy, which is usually the idea behind their visit. A calm interior also puts retail shops at the forefront, making it easier for businesses to draw eyes from a distance.

For visitors’ ease, the mall has technologically-superior elevators and escalators that make reaching multiple floors of the mall a breeze. To combat extreme weather conditions, the centralised HVAC system works wonders, creating a favourable temperature for shopping enthusiasts. Plus, with dedicated floors to retail, food, and entertainment, you will have no trouble finding what you came for.

Parking that offers convenience

Understanding that there’s a lack of parking space in the city, the mall designers have paid special attention to offering dedicated parking lots for visitors. There’s sufficient space on the ground floor for vehicle parking. What’s more, there’s a whole basement floor dedicated to parking, allowing visitors to park their vehicles conveniently.

Invest in Himalaya City Centre today

If you are looking to invest in a property with the potential to bring optimum returns, there’s no better plan than Himalaya City Centre, owing to its curb appeal, location, and rising real estate market.