Invest in Himalaya City Center and Get Guaranteed Return on Investments

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  • Post last modified:June 7, 2022

What if you could invest in a property that not only allows you to kickstart a thriving business but also offers assured returns on investment? Many would consider it a marketing gimmick to lure in vulnerable investors or entrepreneurs, but Himalaya City Center makes this possible, and it’s pretty impressive.

Himalaya City Center is a recently developed commercial real estate project in Raj Nagar Extension, which is also considered the heart of Ghaziabad. Offering excellent commercial space and retail shops in Ghaziabad at incredible prices, it recently announced its latest offer to help new, as well as experienced business minds set the wheels of their first or next business venture in motion. This means anyone buying a commercial retail shop in Ghaziabad to start a business but can’t because of insufficient financial resources can now get their dream fulfilled.

What does the offer have for Investors?

The new offer by Himalaya City Center claims to give 24% assured returns on investments, allowing investors to receive a fixed percentage of returns for the money they invest in a commercial space in Himalaya City Center, starting from a particular date. For your information, investments in this popular real estate project start from rupees 14 lakh and go up to 30 lakhs or more depending on the shop size, type, and location in the building. The investment seems significantly less, considering that other commercial hubs in or around the area are overpriced for investors.

The guaranteed returns on investments aren’t the only thing that’s making investors, new and experienced, flock to the area and book their properties. There’s more to it. To be precise, as the market develops and the construction of its residential projects sets into motion, the value of the commercial property you buy is expected to increase, making it a supposedly win-win offer for investors. So, for someone planning to invest in a property to start their business, now is the time to consider Himalaya City Center and take advantage of the offer it has recently announced.

Other reasons to buy a retail shop in Himalaya City Center

While the offer by Himalaya City Center makes buying a retail shop in Raj Nagar Extension a breeze, the commercial project’s location is one reason why so many investors are interested in the project. Located in the concrete jungle of Raj Nagar Extension, it is in proximity to major metro stations and is accessible via public transport. Its better connectivity to other parts of NCR allows people of all ages to come to the hub and have an eventful time round the clock. This also means business owners have better chances to be found and grow should they buy a retail shop there and start a business.

If you are planning to invest in a commercial real estate project, either for investment purposes or to start a new business, consider buying a property in Himalaya City Center today and get assured returns on investment at a pre-fixed rate from a particular day.