Benefits of investing commercial property located near metro stations

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  • Post last modified:October 22, 2021

What do these localities in the metro cities have in common –Dwarka in Delhi, Malad in Mumbai, Velachery in Chennai, and Whitefield in Bengaluru? They are considered the best locations to invest in commercial property in their respective cities. But that wasn’t the case about a decade or so ago. They were considered too far away from the centre of their respective metro cities to be considered attractive by investors. How things change? They are now the hottest locations whose appreciation is growing by leaps and bounds every year. And each of these locations now have premium as well as mid-range commercial as well as residential property options. Do you know how these locations that were unpopular in the past manage to grab such a big chunk of the real estate pie for themselves?

Most of this upswing has to be put down to the development of metro rail. Delhi is the prime example of what metro connectivity can do to the valuation of commercial real estate of a location. If your commercial property is located in close proximity to a metro station, you don’t need another thing to lure in buyers and investors. This is what is happening with Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad as well. Nobody had heard about the location a few years ago. However, it is now rising up the ranks in terms of popularity amongst residential as well as commercial buyers. This change in fate can be majorly attributed to its connectivity via metro to other locations in Delhi NCR.

So if you are looking to invest in a commercial shop in Raj Nagar Extension, the right time is now. And if you buy a shop for sale in Raj Nagar Extension now, you will save yourself from being overwhelmed with choices later and having to pay more than those properties are worth. Because currently, the best option for commercial real estate investors in Raj Nagar Extension is Himalaya City Center – the only shopping mall in Raj Nagar Extension. This high-street retail project in Raj Nagar Extension has a lot going for it. And one of the most important thing is that it is located near the metro, and that makes a huge difference to the number of people visiting the mall every day.

Customers prefer visiting malls that are located close to metro stations because it makes it easy for them to commute to and fro to the mall and their home. If we compare residential and commercial properties in terms of the benefits they can expect from being close to metro stations, commercial properties edge their residential counterparts. However, as you start moving away from metro stations, this effect grows weaker. No wonder there is an increase in demand for commercial shops for sale in Raj Nagar Extension, especially those inside Himalaya City Center. In addition to metro connectivity, you should also consider other factors, including if your business and the commercial space you are thinking of investing in are a match or not.